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Company NameYonatan Maisel's Executive Penmanship Ltd.
Business OverviewAn Experienced Writer and Award-Winning Author Brings Precision, Creativity, Enthusiasm and a Dynamic Approach to All of Your Writing Needs!

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  .I'm pleased to announce that you can find my latest literary work, Self Esteem by-Proxy: On How Your Downfall Quells My Angst in the current issue of The Literary Review, on sale both in the U.S. and internationally at select news outlets and fine bookstores. TLR, published quarterly since 1957, has featured the works of 22 winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature including Shai Agnon.  ..Yonatan Maisel's Executive Penmanship Ltd. assists individuals, businesses, academic institutions, non-profits and corporations alike with their professional writing needs. Services include:         -"Ghost-Blogging"- it's my newest service. Quite simply, I write your business blogs and articles anonymously, you take the credit as if you did it yourself!       -Website content (includes text only, not design)     -General content writing     -Corporate bios     -PowerPoint presentations     -Editing of academic, legal and medical manuscripts      -Writing/Editing for authors whose native-tongue is not English     -Resumes/CVs     -Formal letters and correspondence      -Report writing of all types     -Speech-writing (for business, conferences and social functions)     -Research of all types (both web and library-based)     -Abstracting     -Information pamphlets     -Creative writing     -Advertisements     -And much more… Yonatan has recently provided writing services for:.      Gannett Company, Inc. (NYSE-GCI) (USA)      Gale Group/Cengage Learning       Bodyline Fitness Center-Malcha Mall, Jerusalem (current client)      Green Point Technology Services (Israel)      Horizon Group Expert Innovative Solutions Inc. (U.S.)      AM&S Fitness Consultants (U.S.)      The Embassy of The Republic of "Confidential" (Tel Aviv, Israel)      IDT Global (Israel)        SCF Studios (U.S.)      A high-ranking Israeli Police official studying for a Masters Degree      An internationally-renowned researcher from Ben-Gurion University of The Negev (Israel)      C.M. Goldblatt, a Ph.D. student submitting his first article to a medical journal       An MBA candidate from Israel Electric Corp.       S. Mizrahi and N. Sabag, Venture Capitalists (Israel/U.S.)      A growing number of job-seekers in Israel .    In addition to being an experienced professional content writer, Yonatan is a published author whose works are featured in respected literary journals, mass-media publications, and professional and academic periodicals. He is a 2009 nominee for the publishing world's prestigious Pushcart Prize. .   You are cordially invited to visit Yonatan's Executive Penmanship website by clicking the link below: .Come see all of the services which are offered Check out the very competitive pricingFind full contact information View the Executive Penmanship work-sample portfolio where you will see a full range of recently completed projectsRead client testimonials And follow a separate link to Yonatan's literary portfolio website where you can check out things like his Jerusalem Post weekend-magazine features archive, his work in the current issue of Review Americana: A Literary Journal (published by The Institute for the Study of American Popular Culture), and much more. Come visit and read if you have the time, for although literary work differs markedly form professional writing, this might be one of the best ways to get a taste for the creativity, precision, passion and enthusiasm Yonatan brings to all of his written work. .Email: yonatan@executive-penmanship.comWebsite:*Ghost picture courtesy of; Ink and Quill: 4.bp