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  • #HowTo Create a new Site, and transfer my posts from an old site?
    To create a new site, go to “My Sites” in the top, grey bar when logged in, and click “Create a Site!”
    You can create your new site from there
    Then you can go to the Dashboard of either site from the same grey bar, “My Sites”->old site->Dashboard and “My Sites”->new…[Read more]

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  • #HowTo make a “jump/portal” page from JobShuk to my site?
    Besides your profile, you can press the Dashboard button on the top
    grey menu bar. That’ll take you to the back end to manage your Site,
    which can be used as a portal to your site, a blog, or a standalone
    site to be used as you see fit (for example, there’s an invoicing
    plugin that…[Read more]

  • #HowTo post advertisements for workers on an ongoing basis?

    Once you’re logged in, you can go to the Activity or Projects pages,
    and advertise gigs there (press the #project button below the text box to make sure it
    gets filtered properly).