Welcome to the new newsletter for the new JobShuk site. It’s been a busy month for me, launching the site and having a baby boy within a week, and I’m very excited about both. I know you’re busy too, so let me give you a quick run-down.

The site conversion went pretty smoothly – I had to update some profiles as they were showing up a bit bunched together. Also, some users reported that their ‘welcome’ e-mail didn’t include their new, temporary password. If this is the case, use the ‘Lost your password?’ page to retrieve it:


The greatest change to our strategic model is the removal of Israel from the branding. Our logo stays the same, and our commitment to our original users and goal of connecting businesses in Israel with the world remains undeterred. We feel this move will only help us achieve that goal by encouraging more participation from businesses ‘abroad’.

We made many technical changes and will outline and assist you in using the new features in subsequent newsletters. The first major change we’ll highlight today is the ‘Sites’. We moved your blog posts into your own, customizable web site, running on the very popular open-source WordPress software, powering over 50 million sites on the web. The sites are personalized using Themes, for the look-and-feel, and Plugins, for advanced functionality, and we’ve done the research to present you with only the best ones for your business.

If you’re not yet familiar with WordPress, you should watch this 3-d slideshow I put together building a custom site:


or check out some WordPress video tutorials, like this one:

Come see how some JobShuk users have already modified the default template to make an attractive business portal:
Almost Eden by Tehillah Hessler http://jobshuk.com/thessler/
Vineliners View http://jobshuk.com/vineliner/

Another technical change is the open-text format for publishing a #project, unlike the confusing form fields on the old site. This format allows me (and others) to post quickly and start a thread for discussions, clarifications, and details.
These opportunities have been posted by your peers, and have not been exposed to millions of sub-par, non-native English speakers, so your assistance in matching the #project up with a suitable service provider is needed.
Here is a #project sampling from the past month:

Excel http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1358/
Web Design http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1356/
Graphic Design http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1355/
Sugar CRM http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1354/
Solr Dev http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1353/
Web Project Manager http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1351/
Web Design/PHP Dev http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1343/
Editor http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1342/
Graphic Design http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1339/
Web Programmer http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1338/
Mobile & Design http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1315/
WordPress Designer http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1309/
Social Networker http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1291/
Access http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1290/
Blogger http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1289/
He->En Translator http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1276/
Sales http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1248/
Website http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1250/
Internet http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1249/
He->En Translator http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1238/
Support http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1237/
Writing http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1236/
Physicist http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1228/
Flash http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1227/
Support http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1212/
LinkedIn http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1211/
Zen Cart http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1209/
Website http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1183/
C++/C# http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1182/
Customer Service http://jobshuk.com/activity/p/1180/

Some of these opportunities might be outdated, so it’s best to stay up-to-date on the JobShuk activities. We’ve changed our social media guidelines, and only post the interesting activities to our Facebook and Twitter feeds now. If you’re into that sort of thing, Like or Follow us now – if not, you can still subscribe to our RSS feed or get regular Email updates.
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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to lay ‘em on me.