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Company NameMedic-Write
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To whom it may concern:My name is Dawn Dalia and I own a Medical Writing, Research, Translation and Editing business: Medic-Write. From our business brochure you can grasp the vast experience and qualifications we have to produce the highest quality medical / scientific / academic writing followed by the submission process.  I have a MA in Information Sciences and have worked several years as the head librarian in both a teaching hospital and university setting. We reside in Israel and thus have been called on to find and interpret medical articles for a wide range of medical professionals and laymen alike. Since opening our business we have committed ourselves to working towards a better understanding between medical professionals themselves and their patients combined with a responsible and accurate spread of knowledge. We have both a strong commitment to quality and an eye for detail.We have extensive experience both editing papers and doing the necessary writing to 'bring it all together’ while incorporating newly found information into existing concepts. That said our writing experience also spans beyond the usual and formal article editing and writing. We have a good understanding of the translation project lifecycle. Extensive use and mother tongue fluency in English & Hebrew (oral & written).  Through our experience and willingness to learn we’ve established good all-round IT skills in: MS Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Power Point Presentation and End Note. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Recommendations and writing samples are available upon request. Once chosen we’re committed to be available until completion of project. Sincerely,Dawn DaliaWriter and