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    ”Seeking a Freelance worker with excellent written communication skills to supplement and advance our online marketing efforts for current projects. You job description will be to back up our Marketing team by exposing our products / promotions to all sorts of various outlets online, help keep our current marketing tasks on track.

    We are promoting products with heavier sales volumes during the holidays, so depending on the dates of the calender, the job description will slightly vary.

    Your written skills do not need to be academic, rather comfortable and friendly.

    Job Requirements:

    Lots of Initiative
    Computer / FAST Internet set up. Please DO not REPLY if you are using a computer only at your ’other job’ or have an old slow computer! Thank you
    Mother tongue English (American preferred, since this is the target market)
    Available 20 hours per week, give or take
    Freelance Status (can give us a receipt for work)
    Understanding of online marketing and affiliate marketing a plus
    Pay commensurate with experience but in the ballpark of 60 sheks an hour

    Must be available immediately!

    Please reply with whatever information you feel relevant to assist a quick decision. Your response should be written in a manner how you would conduct your writing to others online.

    Thank you for your time!”

    This message was posted on behalf of someone else. They have been alerted of this thread and may Reply with more info, or read this thread and follow-up with anyone who expresses interest. Please do not send me any personal messages about this #project

    • Good day! I am a freelance writer with strong background in internet and social media marketing. I have handled various projects in different freelance sites and would love to work on this task. Please let me know if I can provide you any further information on my skills and qualifications.


    • We’re experts in outsourcing and integrating companies and non-profit’s marketing, event planning, social media, and PR tasks. Our specialty is working with Jewish related or Jewish targeted organizations, and I think our services can be a good fit for your marketing needs . If you’d like to learn more about what we can do, feel free to visit us at http://www.henry-isaacs.com or email us at info@henry-isaacs.com. We’d love to discuss your goals in more depth. All the best… Isaac

    • Hi! I’m a copywriter and translator in Israel. Although I’m South African born, my work experience with Americans in administration, writing and PR for the last nine years has provided me with (almost) an A to Z of the skills you list as job requirements. Computer proficiency, attention to detail and a facility for the English language are just a small part. I am also efficient under pressure, thorough and resourceful. I would love to hear more about what you do and the position.

      All the best,
      Heidi Tapnack

    • Hi
      I was an Affiliate Manager for WIlliam HIll, one of the larger casino platfroms in Israel, so I know all about this industry.
      I am a native English-speaker from London, UK, I have a BA Hons degree and I am available immediately.
      Richard Binstock
      054 940 7389