The new “Activity” section of JobShuk can be confusing for a lot of members, so I’m gonna break it down for you, and tackle the whole “Social Media/Twitter/Facebook for business” concept too.

The amount of information on the web is astounding, and people have learned to filter and absorb relevant data by quickly scanning vertically down a page.
The old-school model of web structured sites has grown stale.
A resume` or C.V. is similarly inefficient at demonstrating your knowledge and skills.
The core of modern social media is the mini-blog, where businesses and freelancers can regularly, shamelessly, shout out about something interesting they’re learning, doing, or discussing. It’s much easier and faster than writing a whole blog post, and each update is still recognized as an individual page for search engines, while being included in its entirety on an easy-to-scan index page. As long as your mini-blog is maintained by posting regular updates, you will gain exposure to new and exciting opportunities greater than your “Search Engine Optimized” website alone can provide. Even if you don’t get hundreds or thousands of subscribers/followers, searchers and casual browsers will inevitably stumble across your mini-blog, recognize your expertise, and turn to you when in need.

So why don’t you give it a try. Post an interesting update on and get an instant bump in your online exposure. (Select updates even go out to our thousands of viewers on Twitter and Facebook.)
We had a great response to our last batch of #projects, keep up the diligent work.

CRM Database
Web Designer
Web Video
eBay Designer
Hebrew Tutor
Business Plan
Book Keeper
Zen Cart
Photographer/Web Dev
French->English (medical)
MS Access/eCommerce
Copy Writer
MS Access+VBA
SEO/Link builder
B2B Sales
Copy Writer (health)
Social Media
Web Developer

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