Making Beautiful Greeting Cards

I just love making cards and I can make them day and night. It is great fun being surrounded by papers, glues, embellishments etc. and putting a card together using all types of methods. 

I have never been artistic, so it just shows that it ‘is never too late’ to take up a new hobby and enjoy the ongoing process of learning different methods – and, believe me, there are many. 

There  are three methods of card making that suit me, namely 3d decoupage, heat embossing and tea-bag folding and most of my information comes from watching videos on the computer.  I would just love to sit and do embossing with a real person sitting with me!  I now have enough knowledge to pass on to others – and I have enough papers, tools etc. to make cards for a very long time.

My cards are all one of a kind and I think that is what makes them special. 

To do 3d embossing you need quite a lot of patience to cut out all the pieces required for each card – but there are ways around this too -buy die-cut pictures!  (I have never seen these in Israel, but they can be bought over the internet).

It is enjoyable teaching others and seeing their enjoyment when ‘their’ handcrafted card is finished.

Hopefully I can meet some other people who enjoy this hobby as much as I do. 

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