Card Making and Scrapbooking

Well it has been a long time since I last wrote a blog – so here’s number three.

Not a lot has changed but now I am also putting emphasis on scrapbooking and not just cardmaking. On my website you can see what sort of scrapbooking I am doing.

I now have a student who is very keen to do scrapbooking for her foster daughter; she has bought lots of scrapbooking material such as albums and embellishments, some from abroad and some from someone who sells online in Israel.

The student is someone I know from my area and she called me after seeing one of my ads on a website, to ask if I am the Jackie she thinks I am.  She wants to learn the different methods that can be put to use for scrapbooking. She says that she doesn’t have design ideas, but from what I’ve seen, she will have by the end of her course.

Last week I received an order for 20 cards and the person who ordered them has a specific type he likes, so I am having a lot of fun making my own designs using photoshop, or changing the colour of designs I already have.

Yesterday in the middle of folk dancing someone started speaking to me and I thought she had mistaken me for my twin sister, but no, she wanted me to make a card for her for her grandon’s Barmitzvah. Last year I remember I made a card for her husband’s birthday.

So, at the moment I am quite busy.  I also need to make a really special card for my own grandson’s 12 birthday, and hopefully manage to do a couple of scrapbooking pages for him.  I now make all my grandchildren scrapbooking pages and hopefully their parents will look after them (I am referring to the scrapbook pages!) until they grow up and can have an album of their own showing different stages of their childhood.

If any card makers or scrapbookers are out there in the Tel Aviv area, how about getting together to scrap?

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  1. Avatar of yoni67 yoni67 says:

    Nice blog and great product. I took a look at your profile and your website. Excellent truly does not seem like a strong enough word to describe your designs. Beautiful cards! I wish you all the best with your endeavours and if I know of anyone who is looking for the type of service you are offering, I will be certain to send them your way!

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