Jackie’s Paper Crafts

I now have a blog on Blogger.com and my site is:



Come and visit me and see what I am up too.  I shall

try to keep it updated each week.


It took me a very long time to get started as I wasn’t sure

what to start writing about, but then the other day I said

to myself "just do it" and so I did!  


As I have written before, I really enjoy crafting and now

I even own a Cuttlebug embossing machine. If you want

to know about it, write to me and I will be more than

willing to tell you about it.  Better still came and take

instruction and at the same time make a beautiful greeting

card or do some scrapbooking.  


You can also buy my beautiful cards.


If you are already proficient at making cards, why not

come and join me in Tel Aviv to craft together.


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