LEARN card making methods and enjoy it at the same time!

I thought I would write about my progress in getting word out about my card making. 

Last week I tried out something new – and it worked.  I was asked to go along to give a card demonstration to a group of seniors at their weekly meeting.  Now although I am not used to an audience (there were about 20 people) and I am still a little shy, because of my love of what I was  doing I was able to interest the people in my demonstration.  I could see that they were enjoying it.  Of course I was hoping somebody would buy a card or two and even  perhaps come along to my sessions to learn about making cards, using some of the methods that I use. 

To my delight I got a great reception and lots of the people said how lovely my cards were – and I sold nine cards!  Apart from that one of the women there said she was interested in learning and would contact me.

So now I can offer groups of people a demonstration of how to make cards, using decoupage and this way maybe find new customers or groups interested in a demonstration.

 I have also not lost my love of making jewellery and sometimes use beads on my cards.

Another method I can offer people who have Photoshop or a similar program, is to teach how to use this program for card making.

Last and not least – do you know what scrapbooking is?  If not go to my website to see AND take a look at my cards at the same time!



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